Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ceramic Mugs with Covers

Price : RM 25/= each

Kampung Life Mug

A typical Malaysian kampung scene by the seaside created using Chinese painting technics, featuring kampung houses, flock of birds and blocks of mountains towards the background. ________________________________

Price : RM 25/= each
Fishes on Lotus Pond Mug

Fishes on Lotus Pond is created using Chinese painting technics. Fishes means friendships. Give your friend a gift and foster a better friendship. It is great for all types of gifts.

Price : RM 25/= each

Birds & Flowers Mug

For the flowers & birds lovers, you will appreciate this unique design using Chinese painting technics.

Price : RM 25/= each

Water & Mountains Mug

It is design using the Chinese painting technics. For those in business, the Water & Mountains(Fengshui) mug will greatly strengthen the power of business. It is great for all types of gift and own collections.


Mugs Measurement
Height : 9.8 cm
Top : 8 cm

Bottom : 6 cm

Capacity : 400ml


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